Whilst your container has arrived at the port you need someone to handle the onward carriage? Let us do the job for you.
We offer all the services you require for the transshipment and transport of your consignment, everything being provided
by a single source. Take advantage of our many years of experience in freight forwarding and logistics, optimise the costs
of your onward carriage and improve the efficiency of your operations. 

The benefits to you

  • Favourable location at the Port of Hamburg
  • Direct proximity to the sea terminal and the Billbrook rail terminal
  • Collection of your consignment from any warehouse or shed
  • Customs custody of your shipments and payment of customs duties
  • Open customs warehouse (OCW)
  • Loading, unloading and transshipment of containers (FCL and LCL)
  • Optimisation of your transport costs
  • Additional free days without warehouse charges for shipments from our
  • transshipment warehouse

Transport and transshipment all from a single source

As soon as a consignment completes the main leg of the journey and arrives at its destination, important  is to arrange
for onward carriage – so that the goods and merchandise can be delivered to the final recipient as quickly as possible
while at the same time minimising the costs. As a medium-sized logistics- and freight forwarding service provider, we
undertake all the tasks involved in the transport and distribution of goods:

- Container transshipment (FCL and LCL)
- Unloading groupage containers
- Transshipment and loading for onward carriage
- Consolidation of shipments with same destination range
- Customs clearance
- Freight forwarding within Germany
- Pan-European Trailer- and Container logistics

Before onward carriage of your shipments, we can supply additional services for the handling of your goods, entirely to
suit your preferences:
- Orderpicking and palletizing
- Preparation for dispatch
- Labelling and pricing
- Sorting goods
- Neutralisation

Transport: cost-optimised and rapid

Containers with FCL or LCL shipments first arrive at our transshipment warehouse, where we  unload and sort them
to deliver them to the individual recipients.

By consolidating individual shipments with the same destination , we optimise your transport costs and  can offer you
cost-optimised onward carriage. Further improvements to efficiency  can be achieved with help of our value added services.

Take advantage of transport- and transshipment services with everything provided by a  single source. As a professional
partner, we are here and ready to help. Just tell us  what you need, and we will do all the rest.