If you are in need of an freight forwarder for your groupage consignments, we can do the job for you. We are a
medium-sized freight forwarding and logistics service provider, handling all tasks from the reception of the
containers to outgoing delivery of the individual shipments.Take advantage of the comprehensive range of
services we offer in connection with warehousing and logistics!

The benefits to you

• Favourable location at the Port of Hamburg, right next to the sea terminal
• Direct connection to the Billbrook rail terminal
• Open customs warehouse (OCW)
• Customs custody of your shipments and payment of customs duties
• Comprehensive range of warehousing and logistics services 

Groupage : receipt of goods and services

If you have isolated items or just a few that you need to have shipped, sending them as groupage freight
suggests itself as a sensible and cost-effective option. The goods will be collected and combined into
larger units before being dispatched – being carried, for example, in seaborne containers to destinations
all over the planet. As a warehouse for groupage containers, we carry out all the tasks of an import freight
forwarder in connection

with groupage freight loads:

- Receipt of groupage  containers
- Unloading  containers
- Loading groupage consignments
- Transshipment and handling of groupage
- Delivery of the goods to individual recipients within Germany 

As further services for groupage, we offer the following:

- Palletizing
- Preparation for dispatch
- Labelling and pricing
- Sorting
- Neutralisation

The process in detail

The shipment of groupage is a demanding logistical task. In what is known as the ‘pre-carriage’ or first leg,
The freight forwarder takes delivery of the individual goods from the consignor. He collects and assembles
them into a larger shipment for onward transport.

Therefore he needs the following informations :

- Size and weight of the individual items
- Destination
- Delivery date

The next phase, the main leg takes place – this is the actual shipment of the groupage consignment. 
Like the export freight forwarder, we too, as the import freight forwarder, have an important role in the
transport of groupage. We take delivery of the consignment, unload the individual items and prepare
them for onward carriage – for forwarding to the final recipient. 

We will be happy to carry out these tasks on your behalf. You can count on our support as a reliable and
experienced logistics service provider for the receipt, unloading and transshipment of your groupage. 
You can also talk to us if you want to receive goods as groupage. We can recommend  you a reliable export
freight agent from our worldwide network.